What to do in last Days for JEE Main??


One of the toughest engineering entrance exam, JEE Main is just 3 days away. Most of you may be imagining of equations while eating, babbling formula in dream and staying up late night thinking about the D-day. While this is natural, you should try to use all these emotions to your advantage. How to utilize this limited time in the best possible way? Practise Mock Papers and previous year papers on http://careerclimb.in/exam/.


Avoid doing new – It is that time of the year when you should only devote the leftover days on revising the fundamentals, concepts, formula and equations. It is recommended that you avoid studying any new topics. Taking up new topic or even referring multiple books in the final days may lead to misunderstandings. A disorganized mind is sure to make mistakes, which can be hazardous at this time.
Spend time practicing – During this time rather than studying something new, focus on practice. Take up JEE mock tests or solve previous year’s question papers daily. This will help you know how prepared are you to take the exam. Each correct answer will take up your confidence to the next level.

Keep calm and think positive – Stressing yourself too much can take toll on your mind and body. It may ruin your concentration and confidence level. In your free time rather than visualizing how scary the final exam will be, listen to music, indulge in general talks with your friend or go for a stroll. This helps in rejuvenation, which may increase your focus.


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