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Completion of your standard 12th board exams is a tedious task. Sleepless nights and tiring days for that one exam that determines it all! But, what about once the exam is done? What is the plan of action? In the midst of acing their 12th board exam scores, students often ignore the bigger picture. Selecting a course after your board exams is just as crucial as clearing your exams.

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It is absolutely natural to be confused about what degree or course to pursue after your 12th standard. However, do not be overwhelmed by this confusion. The first question that you need to ask yourself is, “What is it that you really want to do?”. The answer to this question is key in determining your next step and consequently your future. Once, you have outlined what it is that you want to do, you must make a note of the viable courses or degrees that will help you achieve this goal. The next step is preparing for the entrance exams that a lot of the courses would require.


Changing your stream after your 12th standard exams may not be the best option. While in the 12th, you have already picked a broad stream, and your decision post this will be determined by your stream. In most cases, switching a stream may not be allowed or feasible. A few of the broadly classified options that you can look into are as follows:

Arts Art, humanities, management, media, fashion, journalism, tourism etc.
PCB  Medical, pharmacy, science research and all arts group fields
PCM Engineering & technology, pharmacy, architecture, and all arts group fields

Commerce Accounting & finance management, human resource, auditing, taxation, chartered accountancy etc. and all arts group fields
Apart from the above mentioned courses, students can also pursue courses in law, management, fashion, textile, social work and library science. Some of the other notable professional courses are, photography, animation, music, painting, interior designing, writing, journalism, ethical hacking, hotel management, physical education, fire safety, library science, foreign languages, web designing, criminology, psychology, philosophy, and so on.


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