Tricks to Memorize Faster


During the entrance exams, it gets really difficult to memorize stuff since the exam is getting closer and there is very less time in hand. In all this tensed environment you need to optimize your memorization session. It’s not simply choosing the area with few distractions. You need to change the environment so as to motivate yourself. Here are a few ways you can help motivate yourself to memorize faster for the exam.


1. Keep a record of stuff you memorize or understand:
This is useful while attending important lectures. You can simply record a lecture and listen to it several times for better understanding. This is the most helpful way of learning especially for auditory learners.

2. Write down all that is important:
You need to write down things you can’t afford to forget. Writing and rewriting will help you recall everything from your memory. This helps you become familiar with what you’re trying to memorize. This is very useful for experiential learners.

3. Section your notes:
If you plan to make notes you must know that you are going to refer to them back again. So separate them into sections. This is the best way for visual learners including having spaced Repetition flash cards will help.

4. Move around and speak out loud while studying:
Walking promotes blood flow, engages your muscles and keeps you alert whereas sitting does exactly the opposite. Also, when you walk and you repeat things that you have understood to yourself out loud you will understand better. Pick up the material you want to memorize and review it pacing back-and-forth in your room or walking in your hallway this will help you.

5. Picture stuff:
Whenever you learn subjects like biology and even physics try and draw diagrams to make yourself understand the concepts. Illustrate the situation through diagrams or explain steps of how and what you’ve understood from a particular diagram. This will help you memorize very easily. So whatever you understand in certain important concepts make a visual appearance of it. This will help you remember in an easy and faster manner.

6. Patients are the key:
Patients always help in overcoming difficult situations cause at the end of it there is a solution to every problem. Also, When you reach the end of the subject and you’ve understood all that you need to, you will be happy and victorious.

7. Revision is the final step
Revise over and over again, this will remind you of all the mistakes that you have made and will prevent you from repeating them again. Revision isn’t like studying the entire subject all over again it is simply scanning through all that you’ve done. Almost like walking the same road over and over again, this will prevent you from committing the same mistakes that you have already corrected.

8. Tests can help you ace the exams:
Testing your memory several times will help you train it better to face the worst. From making you faster to helping you be more accurate, it is almost like a final revision session.


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