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Here are some points to consider while doing guess work in your MCQs.

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1. When all options are having Numerical values
When all given options are having numerical values, stay away from extreme low and high values. Most of the times they are not correct.
This is a blind guess techniques, personally I will not suggest anyone to go for it.


2. Go for guess work if you have already know two incorrect answers
Its a big risk to choose correct answers among four options, as you will have only 25% chance of success. Go for guess when you have already eliminated two wrong answers.


3. Don’t leave any question, when there is no negative marking
I’ve seen many students who are doing calculation till very last moment to find out the answers. If negative marking is not there in question paper, put 15 minutes time separately to just fill OMR sheet. You should attempt all questions in such cases and try your luck.


4. Sometimes units play a major role

Sometimes there are questions where you can choose correct option by just looking at units of options, so just be smart. Don’t start calculation immediately, first look at all options. May be you need no calculations at all.


5. Domain and Range of a Function
Questions related to finding domain of a function in IIT JEE are usually asked as below:


If x = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4}, y = {2, 3, 4, 5} and x X, y Y, then which of the following is a function in the given set –

(a) f1 = {(x,y) : y = x + 1}

(b) f2 = {(x,y) : x + y;5}

(c) f3 = {(x,y) : y x}

(d) None of these

In such questions, you do not have to solve the entire function.

Just put in the extreme values of the set in the function and see if they satisfy the answer. In this question, you can put 0 and 4 for x and 2 and 5 for y. You will be able to get the correct answer (d) in this case.

6. If you are appearing for JEE Advanced, do guess work rarely.
These guys are very smart, they out each and every option to catch your mistakes and they know most of the guessing techniques opted by students.


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