Strategy to Clear JEE Advanced


Each student has their own way unique of dealing with examinations. Just like Batman can beat Superman, there is a bright chance you can ace that exam, and beat that topper fair and square. So take a moment to feel all powerful as we equip you with pointers and guidance on how to conquer your exams like a Champion. Let’s get started, shall we :)

Time-based goals

This means goals with a deadline. Time management is important not only in the exam but also in preparation. Time-based goals are relevant no matter what you do in life. It can be something as simple as a to-do list for grocery shopping or even something complex, like creating a to-do list charting out exam preparation for three months. It’s important that you should set a fixed date (or time) to achieve your target. For example, you can decide that you will finish Electrostatics and Magnetostatics by the end of the week. You should fix a particular time of the day by when you are going to achieve that task. You should know when you will be able to achieve that task.

You set your goals and deadlines, and then you have to learn to micro-manage. Break those goals into several micro goals. This way you will be able to achieve larger goals. For example; If you decide to finish Electrostatics in a week, “Solve 5 questions of electrostatics every day” can be your micro goal (with attached time limit – Half an hour, or one hour). Online platforms are a great way to make your self-study effective. It can accurately track your daily efforts along with you during your preparation, and help you plan your day.

Group study

Studying in a group encourages you to learn and remember actively rather than passively. You feel motivated to study. That togetherness improves the entire process of learning resulting in a focused studying activity. Group study helps to highlight your weakness and mistakes and gives a chance to correct them at the earliest.

Give regular exams

Practice, practice and then practice a bit more. Giving regular exams preps you up with what to expect in an examination. Giving an exam is like learning to ride a bike – You have to fall a few times before you can pick up speed! Give exams regularly to know what you’re doing right, wrong, and understand your strengths and weakness.


You need a targeted strategy. It is the most important part of the plan you create. You can’t fix your problems if you don’t know what you are doing wrong. You will never know why you are unable to solve questions or the paper on time unless you analyze your results and efforts. You got to make notes of your skills and knowledge to clear the exam – be it speed, accuracy, time management, concepts.


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