Stop Panicking for Board Exams


“Jo dar gaya samjo mar gaya,” or which basically translates to, if you’re scared, you’re dead.

You remember an ad from a popular cola brand’s tag line – Dar ke aage jeet hai? It is true if you are giving your boards. Students are scared from all the anxiety due to constant pressure, and that is the reason the CBSE have established hotlines to counsel students. The CBSE designated board counsellors phone has been constantly ringing with anxious students worried about their exams.

Here’s Dr Sona Kaushal Gupta, CBSE board counseller’s advice for students giving the board exams.

  • Stop thinking about the results
  • Concentrate on revising
  • Stop Panicking
  • Believe in yourself
  • Maintain a timetable
  • Adjust your body-clock

In addition to this, she also added that, “Students have studied round the year and if only they don’t panic or take the undue stress, they can perform to their optimum level. The parents and teachers should constantly reassure the worried students that they can perform fairly well and help them not worry about the results.”

Another prominent psychologist from city school says, “I would advise the students to have healthy food, be active and not compare themselves with their peers’ preparation. The students must also not touch new topics now and only focus on revision. To remain stress-free, the students must prepare a revision timetable and take time in between to relax as well.”



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