Roorkee a Great Destination for Engineering Studies


Roorkee is becoming the desired destination for students who want to do undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Engineering in India. Colleges in Roorkee are putting in great effort in uplifting the quality of its education, which is attracting a bulk of students from across the country. There are excellent reasons for Roorkee to be considered by students for Engineering. Some of these are:    

  • Roorkee is a centre of education and research, even sometimes called ‘Shiksha Nagri’ (the place of learning). It is best known for Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT), which was formerly called the University of Roorkee and originally known as the Thomason College of Civil Engineering. It is also considered as a Mecca for Civil Engineers due to its distinguished contribution in civil engineering education and research since more than 150 years.
  • Colleges such as Quantum Global Campus located in Roorkee enveloped with State- of- the- Art Technology and infrastructure has gained recognition in the country in a very short duration due to its Lab facilities, infrastructure and faculty profile and is today ranked with the best in the country.
  • Roorkee being an industrial hub due to its location in the vicinage of the industrial hub of SIDCUL, which boast of some of the biggest manufacturing industries like Mahindra & Mahindra, HUL, ITC etc. Of late, it has been observed that these industries prefer to absorb students of the nearby area itself, which gives plethora of opportunities to the students studying in Roorkee to prove their mettle.
  • Roorkee is altogether a good source of faculties, because of its strategic location in the IIT prone area which serves as a pool of highly qualified faculties which marvel the quality of education provided by the institutes.
  • Roorkee being home to several government research institutes: Central Building Research Institute (C.B.R.I.), Irrigation Research Institute (I.R.I.), Institution of Engineers Regional Center (I.E.I.), Alternate Hydro Energy Centre (A.H.E.C.), Irrigation Design Organization (I.D.O.) and National Institute of Hydrology (N.I.H.), acts as a great catalyzing source for R&D and other lab facilities provided by the colleges in the vicinity of this area. These prestigious government institutes even serve as major centres for providing internships to the students which allures the students studying in Roorkee.
  • Subsidized Education Fees is another major advantage of studying in Roorkee as that tuition fees is highly subsidized and the Low cost of Living in Roorkee is the fillip for the students coming from nooks and corners to have education. Businesses, tourist attractions and transport all are offered at reduced rates to students.





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