How To Stay Motivated For JEE Mains 2016



The motivation problem
JEE is one of the toughest tests around town. Preparing for JEE Main requires a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. No wonder students feel demotivated every now and then. The sheer extent of the syllabus, and all those problems that make no sense?! Phew!

But the biggest problem students face (tougher even than Irodov!) is undoubtedly – Motivation.

How do you stay motivated for the two years of JEE preparation? Sometimes your teacher can really help, you come back from class motivated enough to change the world! But, by the end of that long week, your motivation just seeps away. So in that case, what should you do? We list out some techniques to help you increase your motivation.

How to increase your motivation
Over time, you’ll realize that real motivation is not a one-hit wonder. You can’t get a sudden boost, and stay motivated the rest of the year (heck, not even for the rest of the week!). You can’t keep waiting to feel motivated. It doesn’t work that way. But there are certain habits and good practices that can help you find motivation when you need it most. Here are the 5 ways to stay motivated for your JEE-

1. Positive self-affirmation

Unable to solve that problem even after racking your brain for half an hour? This is not the time to drop the subject, but to remind yourself that thousands of students are going through the same problem. Their struggle is the same as yours. Speak aloud – “I can do this! I am better than I think I am!”

You know why this is a powerful exercise? Because it is true. You are always stronger and smarter than you think you are. :) You will definitely face roadblocks in your journey. Whether you are preparing for an exam or preparing to be an actor. Life isn’t easy! You must also remember that for every roadblock you cross, you will be a stronger person.

2. Think about the end result

Imagine for a second – It’s finally exam day, and you’re walking out of that exam hall knowing that you’ve made it. Taking admission in the IITs or NITs; reaching where you always wanted to be. A whole new world of opportunities and experiences, and even bigger dreams to chase.

Isn’t the effort you put in now worth that? Would you rather live life with a ‘What if?’ hanging over you? ‘What if I had worked harder’ or ‘What if I had attended classes regularly’. Think about your final goal, and ask yourself whether what you did today brought you closer to your goal.

3. Be in good company

This is a difficult pill to swallow, but the right company can make all the difference in your preparation. Good people share good vibes, bad people share bad vibes. Positivity nurtures you while negativity crushes you. So keep the right company. Don’t let others pull you down, instead, you should be the one pulling others up! It’s a very important time for you! Your true friends are those who understand and respect that.

4. Reward yourself!

Create a ritual of keeping a daily goal, finishing your daily goal, and lastly- reward yourself after finishing your goal. It’s the little things that matter. Reading your favorite comics when you are done with your goal, or watching your favorite show or just taking a stroll. You need to associate ‘completing your daily goals’ with ‘things that make you happy’. That will make preparation a lot more fun, and a lot easier.

5. Be aware of your progress

Sometimes you just have to take a pause and look back to see how far you have come. Planning is essential, but so is tracking your progress. It will tell you that you are on the right track! Think of it as a map to a treasure hunt- Where you started, where you are now, and where you want to go. You might think that you haven’t improved at all, but you are improving every day! You upgrade yourself with the new things you have learned. Did you solve a difficult question? Then you’ve reached version 1.5! Finished the entire topic? Version 2.0!


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