How to Prepare for BITSAT??


You would be wise to listen the next time someone tells you that the BITSAT is completely different from any of the other engineering exams. As compared to the other exams, it focuses more heavily on the theory behind the subjects. It is even more competitive (students/seat) than the JEE exam. More than just using the concepts, it requires you to get into the nitty gritty of the theory.
This is evident in how board exam marks still play such a big role in securing a seat as compared to the other engineering entrance exams. The physics and chemistry section doesn’t have very lengthy problems, and the exam focuses on speed and a complete grasp of subject matter.

The three main things for a student to keep in mind while preparing for the Bitsat are-

Board exam preparation. Board marks are important for getting into BITS. But that is not all. The exam too will rely more on the theory that the board texts disuss. You can expect more of shorter and trickier problems that require more theory knowledge as compared to the hardcore problem solving that the JEE Advanced requires. Also, NCERT alone will not be enough. For Physics and Chemistry especially, the student should also solve additional model test papers for Intermediate board, state board or ISC board exams.

Silly mistakes play a larger role for the BITSAT as compared to the JEE. Especially in mathematics, one must watch out for silly mistakes. Practice as many sample papers from as many sources as possible.(With solutions) Cuz let’s face it, it’s almost certain that you will make EVERY type of mistake atleast ONCE in your life. (Probably way more than once!) Let that one time you make that mistake be during your practice tests, and NOT in the final paper!

This practice is essential for the English and Logical Reasoning sections of the paper. That’s the surprising thing about the human brain. Everything, and I mean literally anything and everything can be improved by practice. For example, even writing music. If you think about it logically, practice can’t help you become more creative right? Wrong! You can train your mind to do any kind of gymnastics. So yes, you will definitely need to practice english and logical reasoning, and with enough practice you can become really good at understanding the question and quickly finding the answer, even if you are not originally very comfortable with english.

Start preparing!


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