How To Go Crazy After Your Exams Are Over


Exams are stress inducing activities so when they are over, go nuts! Here are some of the fun activities you can do with your self and your friends!

Go crazy
What you need to do after your exams is to reclaim your life, so release the beast that was hibernating all this while by going totally crazy. Like shredding your revision notes and making confetti out of them! Play your favorite song and throw in a couple of your friends and video shoot it, as it’s the time to PARTAY!


Ask a girl/guy out who is totally out of your league
Yeah! What’s the worst that can happen? They will say no, they will make fun of you, but that’s about it! You won’t die! You would rather be proud of asking someone out who you like. The important thing here to remember is that you went out of your comfort zone asked your muse out, and the best thing will be when they say YES. So all the best!


Learn something new & interesting
Learning is not only about academics. Learning is fun. Learning to draw, paint, dance, or learning a new language can actually widen your horizon, and make you see things differently. It will challenge on what you know and what you don’t know. It will make you appreciate all the good things in life.


Climb a tree
Ask someone who might have climbed a tree, they will tell you that the feeling is awesome! After reaching the top, you feel peaceful and content from inside. Also, the view is nothing short of beautiful.


Catch up on movies, books, and comics
Go on a movie marathon or binge watch all your favorite television serials or pick up that book you always wanted to read. Do it all, there is nothing to stop you from doing what you love.


Get SLEEP. Lots of it.
Now that exhaustive exams are over, you need sleep to revitalize your life. So go to that inviting, cozy bed and sleep like a log, you deserve it.


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