CBSE Improvement Exam: All Know How


CBSE Improvement Exam is a way to improve your Class 12th result by re-appearing for CBSE board exam. Students are allowed to give the exam in one or all subjects; there is no restriction on the number of subjects one can give improvement in. However, students are not allowed to appear for improvement exam for additional subjects. Furthermore, practical exam marks will be carry forwarded, which means students only have to prepare for theory exams.

While it is named as the CBSE improvement examination, the exam dates and question papers will be similar to the regular CBSE exams. Students also gets an entire year to prepare and score well in the final exam.

Before appearing for the improvement exam, candidates must note that every candidate is allowed not more than one attempt in the succeeding year.

Students usually come across several queries related to CBSE Improvement Exam. Some wants to know about the procedure to appear for this exam, fee structure, and application process. While these CBSE improvement exam queries are addressed by Plancess in our last post – CBSE Improvement Exam FAQs, there are students who want to know about the merits and demerits of appearing for this.

In this article we list down some of the major advantages and disadvantages of giving improvement examination. Read below.

Merits and Demerits of CBSE Improvement Exam


CBSE improvement exam has its own pros and cons. One has to make a decision of giving this exam after weighing both sides of the coin.


If a student scores improved marks in all the subjects he/she has filled for improvement, there is no need for combining two marksheets.
It helps (rather gives candidate a golden opportunity) candidates improve their result, in case he/she has not scored well in the regular board exam.

If a student does not score well in the improvement exam, then he/she will have to produce both the marksheets wherever required/demanded.
CBSE improvement exam marksheet has only the subjects in which the student has appeared for improvement, not the previous subjects.
The improvement exam marksheet is different from the regular board exam result. “APPEARED FOR IMPROVEMENT” is mentioned on the CBSE Improvement Exam marksheet.


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